Thanks to everyone who came to the Comics 2000 Festival. Here are some of your kind words . . .

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!

Great convention, Kev and crew; even better than last year's. I'm already looking forward to the next one...

- Dave Gibbons

Thank you for a wonderful time. I can't remember when we've had better

- Elayne & Robin Riggs

Just wanted to say we had a great time and are looking forward to next year. Thanks to you and Mike for the organising.

- Sue & Alan Grant

We feel that this is possibly the finest show we've been to yet (we've seen San Diego, Angouleme and Helsinki so that means something) and we were very satisfied with the results of our presentation Saturday.

We met many old and new friends - some whom will visit Raptus in September - and we look forward to seeing many of you again

- the Raptusboys, Arild and Frode.

Hey Kev i just wanted to thank you. It was pleasure meeting ya. The convention was great. It was wonderful to see everyone from over there. The awards ceremony was loads of fun.

When ya know the when and where on next year, just e-mail me i'll be there . thanks

- rodney ramos.

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. I really enjoyed the show, Bristol was lovely (despite the rain) my sons and myself had an absolutely wonderful time.

The English convention scene reminded me (very fondly) of how it used to be here many, many years ago--a very tight knit, very supported little community. It was a pleasure to talk to old friends, like Dave Gibbons and to meet new ones, like Bryan Talbot.

If I can at all swing it to come again next year, I shall...this time I will (hopefully) learn to navigate turnabouts a bit better--and bring my girlfriend....

Again, thanks--a job well done.

- Jim Valentino, Image

Thanks for a great convention! You did a FANTASTIC JOB! Hope that all is well and I look forward to speaking with you soon. - Nick Barrucci, Dynamic Forces

Just back in the states and wanted to thank you for putting on a terrific show! My wife and I had a terrific time. Thanks for all your help and support! Congratulations on putting together a marvelous convention! I will definitely see you next year! - Steve Conley, Astounding Space Thrills

Thanks Kev! ...and everyone else that I met again or for the first time in Bristol this year. I had a great time and can't wait for the next event! - Marcia Allass, Sequential Tart

Well, what a wonderful time!

Thanks for a great event. I do hope there'll be another next year.

To everyone I talked to, sketched/signed for - thanks for helping to make the event for me. To anyone who talked to me on Sunday afternoon, I hope I didn't seem too spaced out, I'd been up all night carving a leg of mutton with Norwegians... All D'Best! - D'Israeli

Hip hip hooray indeed! Like everyone else I had a great time. Met loads of nice people including writers and illustrators who signed/illustrated with courtesy and good humour.

Can we do it again next year please? TTFN - Joss O'Kelly

Thanks to Kev for pulling it off, first of all... a fantastic job, as we all seem to agree. - Roger Langridge

Many thanks for Comics 2000.

I used frequently to visit cons but the pressures of parenthood have restricted this over the last 10 years so it was very liberating for me to attend an event which my children enjoyed as much as I did. My 10 year old daughter is still ecstatic at winning the Pokemon raffle and at meeting a very friendly Nyssa from Doctor Who.

More fun for me was watching the the embarrassment of the poor demonstrator of the new Austin Powers card game as he struggled to explain to prepubescent children how to 'complete a successful shag'.

I'd like to report that I know several people who would normally never have gone to a con but who greatly enjoyed the weekend. Most of my children's friends did not know of the event but are now envious of my kids' reports of it. The children that did go especially loved (besides all the trading cards) seeing the people in costume and watching the artists at work.

Almost everybody was very accommodating and friendly towards the kids. - Nick Bartram

Let me just add my thanks Kev for organising the 'festival'. My friend and I and our 3 kids all greatly enjoyed it, although we probably got more out of it than the kids - after Pokemon and collecting the various freebies they sadly weren't interested in looking at the comics themselves...

Personal highlights were again Bryan Talbot's presentation and Win of the Comics Creator Guild ably stepping in for the 'no show' Joe Kubert masterclass and delivering, with the help of a few friends, a useful and realistic insight into becoming part of the comics industry.

Very interesting and lots of new creative contacts made too. Our wives are also fans of the event and found that there's plenty to keep them occupied in Bristol while we do our thing, well worth the trip from Manchester.

So well done and thanks to all involved - Colin Mathieson - Former Fanboy turned Curious Creator

I didn't catch you at the end, but I'm glad we had a chance to chat on Saturday night. I just want to add my jet-lagged thanks. It was a very good show. Lots of fun, both with the usual suspects (cheers, all!) and a lot of people I haven't had the chance to spend serious drinking time with before. The Jurys breakfast room on Sunday morning was just plain scary.

I like Bristol a lot, myself, and enjoy going to an event outside of London. It seems to be a comfortable location for most of by British friends as well. - Jim Wheelock

Last year was good, this year was better. There were too many highlights, many of them in the wee small hours in the bar at the Jury's, the Hypotheticals panel (can that be in a bigger room if you do it again?) Bryan Talbot's talk on Heart of Empire... I could go on. And on.

So, Cheers to everyone I met. I'll try and meet you next year to every one I didn't, WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN? - Regie Rigby

Have to agree with everyone that this weekend in Bristol was brilliant. I was soooo impressed with the transformation from last year. I took my comic-virgin boyfriend with me and he was totally impressed by it all and may even be convinced to read them now!!! :) Well done Kev and here's to next year - Spam

That was a blast. Thanks Kev and all the people involved in setting this up. Improvements on last year, which was good enough anyway, were many. The main room at the Watershed was well integrated, and the way that the Independents are given centre of the floor gave me chance to pick up their stuff rather than any mainstream stuff, but both DC and Dark Horse gave good value.

The Eagle awards and party was excellent, good plan to put creators on each table (even if the candle meant I couldn't see Alan Grant :-) Witty presentation by Simon Pegg, some knowledgable ad libs. And poor Karen Berger, I don't think she meant what she actually said in receiving the best comic award. She was just "tired and emotional".

It was good to meet some old friends and some new ones. Same place, Same time next year ! - Adrian Brown

I'd like to add my congratulations - Kev, Mike and everybody involved at Comics 2000 managed to pull off a brilliant weekend. Relaxed, friendly, informative - I could go on, but the thing I am trying to say is that there seemed a real sense of community. - Ferg Handley, Comic Creators Guild

Kev, just wanted to say thanks for the event -- great time had by myself and everyone I met, good thing all round. Hello to everyone I met, apologies to anyone I rambled on at, many, *many* thanks to Dave Gibbons for joining us on the GENERATION E panel and being an all-round top bloke. So can we take it there'll definitely be a C2001? :) - Antony Johnston

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed comics 2000 yet again I had a great time and sold a loada comics to people who will enjoy them. I me a few new people and a lot of old friends. It is a great meeting place for all those in the comics scene and I know that DC/DH and the guys from Image were impressed hopefully they will go back to the USA and tell all the other publishers at the US events to come to the UK next year. It was great to meet guys like Jim Valentino and chat with them face to face and talk about the retailers point of view.. Hope all goes to plan and next year will be bigger and better and maybe we can get Marvel to come and support the event. - Matt Booker, Automatic Comics

Just a quick note to say that I had a great time at Comics 2000 - glad I went down for the 2 days instead of just the Saturday (like we did last year) - still felt like there was too much to fit in though - I guess that's the mark of a good convention... er... I mean festival :) - Simon Perrins

A big thanks to Kev and his team for making my visit Bristol so worthwhile. Considering how many years I've been reading comics it's amazing I haven't attended an event like this before. Needless to say it made this fanboy very happy, and I hope to attend the next one.

Highlights included Mr Talbot, Hypotheticals (I got a seat *phew*), the 'Who wants to be a Legionnaire?' quiz game. Hard to explain why, but anyone who sat through the video questions will know what I mean :) The awards ceremony was also very good even though I was tucked away at the end of the cheap seats. Simon Pegg, what can I say, top bloke. Whoever had the idea to get him on board deserves a pat on the back.

So, a big thanks to all involved. Hope you can do it all again next year! - Richard Cowdery

Thanks for getting me involved again this year. I get such a kick from this event, Kev. Have a few days off but keep it going! All the best - Paul Palmer, Korky The Cat

Cheers Kev, another good one. - John Higgins, Razorjack

I had a great time! Very cozy (almost TOO cozy on Saturday), and laid back. I really enjoyed meeting creators in person that I'd corresponded with online: Bryan Talbot, Dave Gibbons, Hunt Emerson, Gary Spencer Millidge, Roger Langridge, D'Israeli, and Sean Phillips; and ones I met for the first time: Phil Winslade, Al Davison, Siku, SB Davis, Duncan Fegredo, Dougie Braithwaite, Ian Edgington, Alan Grant, and many more

The biggest drawback I experienced was not knowing what anyone looked like! With the exception of Bryan Talbot (who had photos/paintings of himself in Heart of Empire), everyone else was a brand new face. . . I was disappointed that I walked right by creators I really respect & enjoy (Frank Quitely, John Higgins, Alan Davis, Glen Fabry, etc.) without even knowing it! Someday I'll meet them (anyone for flying to Seattle?).

I may be back next year, but I'd have to have a longer time between flights--I flew in on Friday & out on Monday. Never again! Anyway, congrats on the show Kevin. It seemed to be a great success from what I could see! Best wishes - Walt Parrish

That festival was SOOOO much better than the others in london....look forward to the next. - Frazer Irving

Please accept another unsolicited testimonial from someone you've never met: I attended Comics 2000 and had a great time, spent a ton of money, met some really nice people and came away suitably enthused. Not bad for a day's visit. I loved Hypotheticals, came away from the dealers room with less bruises than last year, and only regretted being unable to track down Dez Skinn. Ah well, maybe next year.

Congrats to all involved and thanks for your undoubted months of hard graft. - Tim Hayes

Just a short note to congratulate you on a job well done with Comics 2000 - Chris and I thought it was one of the best, if not the best British convention we've ever attended (and that included the golden age of UKCAC as well). There was a genuine buzz about the place, and the contrast between that and Manchester a couple of years ago was dramatic to say the least.   Anyway, well done - and roll on Comics 2001... - Colin Clayton & Chris Dows, 2000AD

Thanks to everyone who visited my VZSciFi stand to find out what weird stuff I'm up to these days. A strange side step from Marvel UK and Titan Magazines... I knew the Comics2000 event would be a great place to launch our new virtual world and the interest both from our current membership and attendees in the real world was terrific. I will be pushing for the team here to do a return appearance if Kev is involved in a Comics2001 event. The virtual convention area we created within VZSciFi for Comics2000 was very busy and we logged a huge number of avatars - virtual representations of folks in the US, South Africa and elsewhere in UK and Europe - blagging our virtual Comics 2000 badges to show off to their inworld mates. John Higgins' alien head, created in time for the event (another one will launch later), was a knockout success and we hope to create more; and the inworld appearances by Gary Frank and Hunt Emerson went down a treat. Thanks to Kev and Mike for giving us such a great space in the Watershed! - John Freeman, VZSciFi

Yes, it was a huge success!!! There's honestly a certain amount of pleasure being a backroom boy at events like these. You can float around looking self-important :-) chat to the pros and stars that know you without the constraints placed on the paying guests and you get a free pass...

...Friday is still essentially the trade day, but as I've been out of retail for many years now there were very few dealers I knew. London dealers still seem to think that Bristol is a waste of time, but it was good to see Justin Ebbs making the trek. Last year, my fleeting visit left me with the impression that Comics 99 was basically a Bristol Con, this year there seemed to be more organisation with less red tape and hoops to jump through.

Friday evening was the launch party and that went on until the early hours of the morning and Mike Conroy held the CI lantern aloft after both Dez and I ran out of stamina. Conventions, without wishing to sound flippant, are schmooze-fests for many pros and this year I schmoozed like an old pro. I met people I've never been introduced to, I even helped carve a couple of deals for potentials. By Saturday evening I felt I'd actually achieved more at a convention than I had for years - this could be even more of an indication of how the industry is getting over its worst period for years so well.

The Eagle Awards were a huge success. Simon Pegg proved that he's not only a talented comedian and dashing ad-libber, but he's also one of us. He's a comic fan and this was as much about him meeting the likes of Dave Gibbons, Glenn Fabry and Bryan Talbot as it was about him being the star guest. If I missed anybody, you were either really boring or I'm desperately sorry but I was very very drunk at the time :-)

Kev, of course, was there and he looked cool and untroubled for most of the event and he should be congratulated on a job well done. I often wonder why on Earth I subject myself to these weekends of coronary assault. Kev answered it. I'm actually looking forward to 2001... perhaps Marvel will bother to show this time. - Phil Hall, Comics International




Of the tickets bought in advance of Comics 2000 (which was a small but significant proportion of the final total)...

32% came from London and the South East, 24% came from Bristol and Somerset, 15% came from the South West, 12% came from the Midlands and East Anglia, 9% came from the North, 6.5% came from Wales. The remaining 1.5% were from Scotland, Ireland, USA or unrecorded.

These figures don't include invited guests or exhibitors, whose locations I can't be arsed to look up, or attendees who paid on the door, a high percentage of whom will have been from Bristol and the South West.

As an indication of the efficacy of our advertising campaign..

58% booked using the form in the Comics 2000 programme, 15% booked using one of the ads in Comics International, 13% booked using the email form. The remaining 14% booked using the ads in Previews, Sonic, Megazine or from sources unknown (ie phone bookings)