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The Eagle Awards - the UK's official comic art awards - were presented at the Comics 2000 Festival in Bristol on Saturday April 22nd 2000.

Run by Comics International Magazine, trophies sponsored by Forbidden Planet Scotland, ceremony presented by Simon Pegg and produced by Kev F Sutherland for the Comics 2000 Festival.

The winners were as follows:

Favourite Comicbook - PREACHER by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon (category sponsored by Quality Comics)

Favourite Writer - ALAN MOORE

Favourite Artist - GEORGE PEREZ

Favourite British Comic - 2000AD (category sponsored by Comic Book Postal Auctions)

Roll Of Honour Award - GIL KANE

Favourite Comic Character - BATMAN created by Bob Kane (category sponsored by David's Comics)

Favourite New Comic - TOP TEN by Alan Moore and Gene Ha (category sponsored by Dynamic Forces)

Favourite Newspaper Strip - PEANUTS by Charles Schulz (category sponsored by Gosh Comics)

Favourite Comics Based Film/TV - BATMAN BEYOND (cartoon) (category sponsored by SFX Magazine)

Favourite UK Non-newsstand Title - KANE by Paul Grist (category sponsored by Red Route)

Favourite Strip in UK Comic - JUDGE DREDD

Favourite Editor - DENNIS O'NEILL

Favourite Graphic Novel - JLA EARTH 2 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (category sponsored by Diamond Comic Distributors)

Favourite Cover - BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN by Alex Ross

Favourite Story - DAREDEVIL 1-8 by Kevin Smith & Joe Quesada (category sponsored by Quality Comics)

Favourite Villain - HERR STARR from Preacher (category sponsored by B-Hive Comics)

Character Most Worthy of Their Own Comic - LUTHER ARKWRIGHT by Bryan Talbot

Favourite US Black & White/Indy - SIN CITY by Frank Miller

Favourite Comic (Non US or UK) - BACCHUS by Eddie Campbell (category sponsored by Knockabout Comics)

Favourite Artist (Paints) - ALEX ROSS

Favourite Artist (Inks) - JIMMY PALMIOTTI

Favourite Artist (Colouring) - LAURA DePUY

Favourite Trade Publication - WIZARD (category sponsored by East End Offset)

Favourite Trade Paperback - TO HELL by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

Favourite Supporting Character - ORACLE/BARBARA GORDON

Favourite Website (Fan organised) - SEQUENTIAL TART (category sponsored by eBay online auctions)

Favourite Website (Pro) - COMIC BOOK RESOURCES

Favourite E-Zine/Online Strip - ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS by Steve Conley

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